In discovering how to hack Snapchat, I’ve tried many different types of hacks made by various people. I’ve also tried brute forcing my into accounts using various hacking software. Almost all of them didn’t work well. They either had bugs or just weren’t well designed for the job at hand. The reasons why I tried various types of hacks is something I won’t get into. It’s sufficient to say that I needed to find out some information and the only way I could do it is to get into a few accounts and see what was going on.

The easiest way to get into a Snapchat account, in fact to get into any type of online account, is to know the person well enough that you can either find their password or figure it out based on their interests. As incredible as it sounds, people still don’t use passwords that can effectively protect their online accounts. I find it particularly amusing that some of the easiest passwords to guess are those used by young people. Everyone laughs about old codgers getting hacked because they use 123, but young people are just as bad. How can you be online all the time and still use bad security?

Anyway, I eventually did find a hack for Snapchat that actually worked, and worked far better than anything I tried. They made what I thought were some lofty claims about how quickly their program would work, but those claims definitely bore fruit very quickly. In no time at all I was into the accounts I needed to see and able to get the information I needed without anyone being any the wiser. This hack works so well that it actually made me paranoid and now I change my passwords almost every day because I’m afraid someone will use this on me.

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