I do not do the scary part, obviously that requires you to know what you are doing and they are not going to let a teenager do tree pruning in Long Island unless they think that they can afford to get me bonded. Obviously the profits go down the drain if you go around busting up cars and breaking the windows on houses. It does you no good to pay some guy to climb up a tree with a chain saw if the guy does not know how to come back down the slow way. The big thing on my job is to not get hit by falling tree limbs or chunks of logs from tree trunks. In fact that is a really big thing, and instead the big thing I do is to try to minimize the damage that occurs when a huge log falls from fifty feet up in the air.

If you think about about a piece of green wood from a tree that had been alive is mostly water and water is actually quite heavy. A gallon of water is under four kilograms and over eight pounds. A piece of green firewood is going to have something like five gallons of water in it I would guess and I know that they are really heavy. When they fall from the top of a tree they hit the ground and that does not stop. They make a big hole that is some times about eight inches deep and big enough to stick your head into. Obviously the guy who pays you to cut the tree down is not paying your to leave big gashes in his yard. So I try to pile up the limbs in the right place so that they do not do this sort of thing.

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