When my older friends used to complain about pain, I could not really understand what they were going through because I did not have chronic pain issues at all. That changed about six months ago though. I was in an auto accident, and I got a severe case of whiplash. I went to the chiropractor and though he made me feel a lot better, I still had daily pain that I did not have before the accident. My chiropractor finally talked with me about my poor Sleep Matters because they were affecting me on a daily basis now.

He explained that there are mattresses that are designed for people who have neck and back issues. He wanted me to go to the website where he had picked out his own mattress because it is very informative about the different types of mattresses that are available. He gave me the website address a few weeks ago, and I read everything about the different mattresses that are designed to help people like me. There was actually a section that explained seven different mattresses in detail that specifically help with neck pain. I was impressed with all of them, but there was one that I knew I wanted over all the others.

The gel memory foam mattress that will conform to a person’s shape seemed to be just what I needed. There is a ten year warranty that comes with it. The explanation on why it helps people with neck pain made sense to me, and I really liked that it provides relief for more than just the neck. My shoulders do hurt at times, and this mattress definitely helps with that pain too. It was very easy to set up, and I am sleeping better than I have since even before I had the accident!

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